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Designed and developed in Scandinavia, the G60 is a revolution in garage door design. Like all sectional garage doors the G60 consists of horizontal panels which rise vertically then glide horizontally into the garage, requiring the minimum of effort to open and close. However, this is where the similarity to other sectional doors ends. The G60 has been designed to give you increased safety, more warmth and strength, more beauty abd more space, all with the simplicity of good design.

The G60 is available in 4 stylish designs : Georgian, Ribbed, Style and Trend.

There’s a choice of either fully finished white or brown colours or, if you want your door supplied in RAL colour of your choice, we can do that too.

A revolutionary ventilation system is built into the full width of the bottom rubber weatherseal. If you require air to circulate in your garage, he vents can be left open. If not, they can be closed.

If you want to maximise the natural daylight in your garage, the G60 can be factory fitted with vision windows in the top panel section. Windows are available in four designs, with the choice of clear or milky glass.

If you’ve ever had to leave the warmth of your car to open the garage door on a cold, wet or windy day, you can probably appreciate the luxury a remote control system can add to your life.

The g60 gives you more drive through space to your garage than traditional up and over doors (meaning you don’t have to scrape your wing mirrors!)

Order your G60 with a Henderson remote control system and this luxury can be yours. Simply press a button and drive inot an illuminated garage before closing the doors behind you – all from the warmth and safety of your car. We’ve created a unique G60 remote control package, including 2 handsets to make this luxury possible at a surprisingly low price.

If you have difficulty in gripping and turning handles, the G60 can help. The handle works in the direction of the door movement – simply lift the handle up to open and pull the handle down to close.

The G60 handle is also positioned in the middle of the door. This means that the door is opened and closed from the centre – the correct and easiest position, ensuring smooth opening and closing.

The g60 has an insulation depth of 42mm, giving a strong, stable door panel with enough insulation for a Scandinavian winter.
All round weathersealing and a unique ventilation system give you the freedom to close the garage to draughts or to allow air to circulate.

We’ve given a breath of fresh air to garage door skin design. The G60 has a unique new skin with small triangular patterns to catch the beauty of natural light.

The G60 door is available in a range of exciting colours.

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